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Mass Spectrometry method development
Bioanalytical bioanalysis, method development, method validation, method transfer
Discovery and Non-regulated
Non-regulated Bioanalysis
GLP compliant regulated bioanalysis
Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry bioanalysis
animal health
Animal health, companion animal, Food animal, CVM

Bioanalytical Method Development & Validation

Discovery and Non-Regulated Bioanalysis

Regulated Clinical and Pre-Clinical


Animal Health

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As a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that specializes in LC-MS/MS bioanalysis, we are focused on raising your expectations on SPEED while delivering SOUND SCIENCE with DATA and SAMPLE INTEGRITY built into our processes. Supporting your bioanalysis needs every step of the way from Discovery through NDA to keep your research moving forward. 

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Bioanalysis bioanalytical contract research with quick turnaround
Quality Matters

We offer bioanalytical services for both small and large molecules. When we partner, you can count on energy, flexibility, action and results. Our state-of-the-art VELO™  system provides for an automated and traceable workflow from first client contact through analysis and reporting of the highest quality data. VELOaccelerates turn around times and eliminates errors in a manual workflow.

Chris Tudan - Director of Quality Assurance

Response to our SQA presentation has been very positive!  

To schedule your own personal review of our presentation on The Harmonized ICH M10 Guidance, highlighting the differences from prior bioanalytical guidance documents, please complete the form below.   One of our colleagues will be in touch to coordinate a personal review with Dr. Chris Tudan.   

Animal health and veternary bioanalytical services
Patient Centric Microsampling Tasso

Neil Spooner, Founder Spooner Bioanalytical Solutions, Ltd

Home Sampling microsampleing

"The Veloxity team are not only highly skilled and proficient bioanalytical scientists, they also have a great understanding of the requirements of drug development, are not afraid to ask questions, are excellent and proactive communicators and ensure that they deliver data to a high standard, on-time. I have been actively working in partnership with the Veloxity team on a project for a Client, that involves the analysis of pharmacokinetic samples derived from a novel patient centric blood sample collection technology. The aim of the approach is to enable sampling from children in their own home for a late phase clinical program. The Veloxity team have been wonderful partners in discussing what validation experiments to perform for these novel sample types, which are not necessarily covered by current bioanalytical validation and sample analysis guidelines. Through this, the team delivered high quality GxP assay validations for 3 sample matrices to a very tight timeframe, enabling a clinical study to proceed. The Veloxity team were then proactive in their interactions with the clinical study team, which involved a number of different entities. Following the timely analysis of the clinical study samples, the Veloxity team were actively involved in discussions around the data obtained and what factors may need to be further investigated.

Patient centric GLP work

H.K. PhD,

Chief Development Officer

San Diego, CA

I have worked with Veloxity since they first opened their doors and since the beginning, the people at Veloxity have been scientifically and technically excellent, responsive to my requests, and very price competitive. Their ability to turnaround data analysis is unparalleled. I would highly recommend working with Veloxity for all of your bioanalytical needs.

Jane G. Owens President

JGO Consulting, LLC

Animal Health expertise
Animal Health Bioanalysis contract research

I was very impressed with the Veloxity team’s focus on customer service. They responded to my request for a study quote within the day and provided lightning fast turnaround for my plasma data. They provided high quality bioanalytical results to me in three days from sample receipt. This is unheard of in this industry. They also provided the data in a template that I had designed which enabled me to input the data directly into my PK program without further manipulation. I strongly recommend this amazing company to others in Animal Health.

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