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Prologue: Patient Centric Sampling:
Tips and Tricks for Bioanalysis

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Shane Needham, PhD

Veloxity Labs, LLC
Peoria, Illinois

Patient centric sampling and their devices are becoming accepted as standard tools for clinical trials. Although these devices facilitate enrollment and ease of sample collection for the patient, the design of the sample devices aren’t optimal for use in a standard bioanalytical workflow. There is a need to develop better analysis tools, techniques, procedures and storage systems for patient centric sampling in a bioanalytical lab.


GO to the AAPS-VELOXITY portal to view the video. You will need your email and registration ID to proceed.

Here we describe sample management, procedures and techniques to facilitate the development of bioanalytical assays for patient centric sampling.

Results: We described systems, procedures and techniques to make bioanalysis more productive and efficient for LC-MS. Additionally, we created a novel storage system for storing patient centric samples in a long-term fashion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand patient centric sampling

  • Understand the challenges with bioanalysis of patient centric samples

  • Learn solutions for bioanalysis of patient centric sampling

  • Challenges in patient centric sampling devices for bioanalytical workflows

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