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Service with confidence.

Make critical study decisions with confidence using precise and accurate data generated by our rigorous processes and robust methodologies.

Research, non-regulated & non-GLP bioanalytical services

Develop a plan for non-regulated bioanalysis on promising drug candidates through direct communication and collaboration with our knowledgeable scientists. We bring expertise solving bioanalytical challenges for difficult programs such as unstable prodrugs, small, polar and highly lipophilic molecules. We can utilize plasma, whole blood, serum, CSF, tissues, urine, dose formulations and other nontraditional biological matrices to support studies such as:

  • Non-clinical pharmacokinetic (PK)

  • Bioavailability

  • Dose range finding (DSR)

  • Pharmacology

  • Maximum tolerable dose (MTD)

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Clinical, regulated & GxP bioanalytical services

We're here to support your commitment to advancing therapeutic products that can change and save lives. Leverage decades of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)  and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) expertise as well as our experience ensuring compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and all EMA and FDA regulatory guidelines. We also support the full array of IND_enabling studies with the addition of model development (MD) and model validation (MV) analysis.


Your sample integrity is always highly prioritized with a Rees automated temperature monitoring system, which ensures appropriate sample storage conditions are maintained at all times, as well as controlled and recorded freeze/thaw cycles.

Microsampling bioanalytical services

A patient-centric approach to bioanalysis has driven the development of systems that allow high throughput home sampling. Patient burden is decreased, allowing additional sampling time points from a more diverse patient population. We have expertise in working with several microsampling devices, including:

  • Tasso

  • Capillary

  • Dried Blood Spot (DBS)

  • Mitra


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