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Discovery and Non-Regulated Bioanalysis
Bioanalytical Method Development & Validation
Discovery and Non-Regulated Bioanalysis
Regulated Clinical and Pre-clinical
Mass Spectrometry LC-MS/MS
Animal Health

Discovery and Non-Regulated Bioanalysis

Why should you choose Veloxity for your discovery work? It boils down to our turnaround time and expertise that will expedite the process to help you determine promising leads quickly. The VELO system and lab processes automate workflow from sample receipt through reporting, accelerating turnaround time and eliminating manual errors in the traditional lab work flow. 


Direct communication with our knowledgeable scientists will help you develop a plan for non-regulated bioanalysis on promising drug candidates. We bring expertise solving bioanalytical challenges for difficult programs such as unstable prodrugs, small and polar, and highly lipophilic molecules. We can utilize plasma, whole blood, serum, CSF, Tissues, Urine, Dose Formulations and other nontraditional biological matrices to support study programs such as:

  • PK/TK

  • Bioavailability

  • Dose Range Finding

  • MTD Studies


Veloxity Labs is your go-to bioanalytical contract research organization for discovery and non-regulated bioanalysis

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