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Patient Centric Sampling: Development of Novel Bioanalytical Tools

Updated: 6 days ago

Veloxity Labs, LLC continues to be a leader in bioanalysis including the support of patient centric sampling (PCS) or decentralized clinical trials. Devices such as those from Tasso collect blood from patients including patients residing at home. The collection is minimally invasive. Samples are packaged and sent via courier to a central lab or bioanalytical lab for processing. Veloxity Labs is currently involved in several clinical trials where PCS is the preferred method for sample collection.

Sample collection methods outside of the typical workflow of the gold standard, “liquid plasma/serum” sample requires thought in the bioanalytical lab to ensure optimal workflows and sample storage solutions. At Veloxity Labs, we are proud to be partners with several groups such as the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Microsampling/Patient Centric Sampling Group and the Patient Centric Sampling Interest Group where collectively the groups are drafting guidelines for bioanalytical partners regarding optimal solutions. Solutions include the optimal sample format for processing, automated sample analysis solutions, tracking and labeling of samples and storage of samples.

Our partner relationships are crucial for a successful bioanalytical workflow. However, if vendor solutions aren’t commercially available, our team will develop solutions to make the most efficient and productive process. One such solution is how samples from Tasso devices are stored upon receipt and post-processing. A scientist in our lab, Clayton Harby came up with a solution by working with a local designer to create a sample storage solution. This “rack” stores 96 “dried blood” samples and conveniently can be located at ambient temperature in a desiccator (see photos attached). This is just another reason why Veloxity Labs, leads the field in bioanalysis. Our team provides “client-centric” bioanalytical solutions to effectively move programs forward and bring better therapeutics to market more quickly. A bioanalytical laboratory shouldn’t be the rate limiting step in therapeutic development – it is why we founded Veloxity – “Accelerating Bioanalysis; Your Data, On Time”. That is our mission.

Our experienced scientists continue to support therapeutic programs from microsampling and PCS devices for clinical, pediatric and preclinical studies. Contact us to discuss your next project where we continue to “MOVE AT THE SPEED OF BIOANALYSIS”

Shane Needham, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CEO and President

Veloxity Labs, LLC

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