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Bioanalytical Support to Provide Global Food Security to the Globe via Animal Health

At Veloxity Labs, LLC we understand that agricultural production, including feed animals, provides food security to the globe and supports a sustainable ecosystem. Healthy animals make healthy people. A big component of healthy animals means providing them with therapies to ensure their health. Bioanalysis is required to determine if those therapies are effective treatments. Just as in human health, animal health requires exposure data from plasma or blood compartments – enter bioanalysis. Feed animals require exposure data and residue studies to determine distribution to edible meat, organs, and milk products – enter bioanalysis.

Proteins from animal sources make a crucial contribution to the economic and nutritional wellbeing of billions of people around the world. The UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) estimates that the world will have to increase by more than 60% the production of animal protein by 2050 (poultry/swine/beef/fish/dairy) to supply the population with food security. Protein from fish is now becoming popular in many parts of the globe as a manner to provide nutrient dense food to vulnerable populations. Therapeutics are needed to ensure the sustainability and health of this industry as it feeds the globe.

Most CRO’s place prime emphasis on human pharma R&D while veterinary R&D gets little or no attention. I want farmers and ranchers to be as effective as possible at raising healthy herds. We want them to be healthy and efficient at delivering protein. We're here to help. I’m proud that our team has the expertise, capabilities, and willingness to make animal health bioanalysis a priority with human health bioanalysis. Our staff has the knowledge and experience with the Centers for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) to move animal health therapeutics forward.

Our experienced scientists continue to support therapeutic programs for companion and feed animal health. We want to be the go-to bioanalytical CRO for animal health bioanalysis. Contact us to discuss your next project where we continue to “MOVE AT THE SPEED OF BIOANALYSIS”

Shane Needham, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CEO and President

Veloxity Labs, LLC


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