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Quality Is Never an Accident

Dr. Chris Tudan and I represented Veloxity Labs at the Global Quality Assurance Conference (GQAC) and Society of Quality Assurance (SQA) Meeting in Baltimore. There were over 800 attendees from industry and regulatory authorities. I was delighted to represent Veloxity at our exhibit on the convention floor. This was my first meeting where I was able to ‘work the booth’ and what an experience! I had a great time meeting many new people with Chris and talking about their needs. There was a common theme, especially from consultants; they want to be able to recommend a bioanalytical laboratory to their clients with confidence. It made talking about Veloxity with them a lot of fun, especially as we were able to hit some of the key needs of their clients, such as responsiveness, quick turnaround of studies, and an aim for supporting small and mid-sized companies, including animal health.

Chris Tudan is our Director of Quality Assurance. In previous SQA meetings he’s provided training to bioanalytical professionals, and he continued on in that capacity this year. His talk provided an update on the M10 Guidance, highlighting the differences between the new Guidance and the past EMA and FDA Guidances. Chris has a contagious passion for what he does and enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge. To this end he has been working to set up training programs on site at Veloxity Labs in Peoria, IL. This initiative has been met with great enthusiasm by Veloxity’s board member Debi Garvin and a Quality manager from another Sponsor laboratory, and both indicated at the conference they would like to team up with Chris in providing GLP and bioanalytical training.

Veloxity Labs was also active in some of the Animal Health discussions. We participated in a round table discussion on "Challenges facing small novel or animal-only facilities in meeting GLP compliance within the Animal health Industry." The AVPSS will be developing a white paper based on the discussions that took place in this meeting. Chris also participated in the meeting held by the Animal Health Specialty Section.

Building a CRO and all its processes from the ground up is a tremendous and exciting task. We’re fortunate that we don’t have to contend with existing outdated systems and workflows; it opens the door to tremendous efficiency and opportunity. We were able to weave quality checks and efficiency into our processes as they were made, which resulted in two huge milestones. First was the creation of VELO (Veloxity Electronic Laboratory Operations) which plays a huge role in achieving faster turnaround times while reducing errors with automated and traceable workflows. Second was Veloxity Labs achieving compliance with The Harmonized ICH M10 Guidance by August 2022. I counted it a privilege to be able to share about the work being done and represent the team at the conference. If you see Veloxity’s booth at your next conference stop by and say hello, we would love to meet you!

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