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Mass Spectrometry LC-MS/MS
Bioanalytical Method Development & Validation
Discovery and Non-Regulated Bioanalysis
Regulated Clinical and Pre-Clinical
Mass Spectrometry LC-MS/MS
Animal Health

Mass Spectrometry Services

As a bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO) that specializes in LC-MS/MS bioanalysis, we are focused on raising your expectations on speed while delivering sound science with data and sample integrity built into our processes. Our goal is to build relational partnerships and to this end you will experience a client centric approach with flexibility to implement parameters necessary for your study. This includes hitting desired LLOQ’s with limited sample volumes and using provided methods or developing and validating a custom method to support the following:

  • Small Molecule

  • Peptide

  • ADCs (warhead/payload)

  • Biomarkers

  • Oligonucleotides


Bioanalysis begins with careful selection of sample preparation technique and tuning the Mass Spectrometer for specific, selective and sensitive detection of your analyte of interest with multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) methodology. Your study design is optimized by factoring in:

  • Sample complexity

  • Assay sensitivity

  • Robustness of the assay


The next step in the bioanalytical pathway is implementing a robust chromatographic method to separate the analyte of interest from endogenous constituents using gradient HPLC, retention characteristics and column selection. This allows highly selective mass spectrometry detection for the most optimal quantitation of your compound. 

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